Note: This is the updated version, of the post Vim jam 2 submission. The original can be found here -

This is your last job before retiring and your boss can't help but keep you on edge with the constant check-ins. Make sure none of your ghosts are caught slacking off or you might end up getting your retirement cancelled and work for all eternity!


  • Left mouse click - Select a ghost or house
  • Right mouse click - Place a selected ghost in a house or kick a ghost out of the selected house
  • Escape - Pause the game


  • GrapefruitChili - Producer and Designer (@GentleElfGames)
  • Alex - Programmer (@AlexDonisthorpe)
  • Leah - Artist (
  • Troisnyx - Composer(@Troisnyx)


Download 33 MB
Download 45 MB
Download 33 MB

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